Opinions of 'Old Jim'

I would like to start with ACA which refers to the Affordable Care Act and is in reality, a socialist idea for medical care for a nation.  It is also known as Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare.  I was recently surprised to learn that some do not know that ACA is ObamaCare.  When someone question ACA, the supporters usually reply with, "Twenty million people were provided with health insurance by ACA".  I am not sure of that number, but since the professional journalists do not question it, I am not able to do much with it.

I have a few questions at this point.  How many millions of people were not able to keep their present insurance coverage and had to settle for an ACA policy with less benefits?  Deductible?  Higher premiums?  And the next question, how many people had to accept an ACA doctor because their new policy did not allow them to keep the doctor they had used for years?

ACA has a built in penalty.  If you do not accept one of their policies, you have to pay a penalty to the IRS.  How many people are penalized for not enrolling in the system?  Apparently, nobody knows.  The truth is, somebody knows, and they are saying.  


Just thinking?  Who are those against Trump?  It is obvious that the socialists and communists are against Trump.  The BLM groups are against Trump and the police.  Would anyone argue with the statement that Democrats are against Trump.  Some Democrats would be included in the previous groups.  The Republican elite are certainly against Trump. 

Consider this.  The election is over.  Right?  The people have spoken and the conclusion is, anybody but a politician.  It is entirely possible that anybody who was rich and not a politician could have won the 2016 election.